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NJ Workers' Compensation Attorney

At Pinard Law LLC, we are dedicated to helping injured workers and their families in Robbinsville, Mercer County as well as throughout New Jersey. If you have been injured at work, Pinard Law, LLC can help.

The law firm of Pinard Law, LLC fights hard for injured workers, seeing that they recover full compensation for workplace injuries and occupational diseases under the New Jersey workers’ compensation law. We have extensive experience representing both individuals as well as employers. It is this experience that allows us to quickly and accurately evaluate a claim, identify possible third party claims, and provide powerful representation during negotiations or at trial.

New Jersey workers compensation law is complex. The law can be confusing and can make an injured worker become stressed by the process. Insurance companies and employers will often times take advantage of an injured worker in the following ways:

  • Denying a legitimate claim for medical benefits
  • Undervaluing a claim for income benefits
  • Tricking you into accepting a low cash settlement for permanent disability
  • Pressuring you to return to work prematurely (including light duty work)
  • Discouraging you from seeing a new doctor
  • Refusing to accept responsibility for a repetitive stress injury
  • At Pinard Law, LLC, it is our job to sort out the details and see that our clients recover the benefits they deserve. Under the law, an injured worker is entitled to the following benefits:

  • Income Benefits (Temporary Disability Benefits)
  • New Jersey workers' compensation law provides income benefits (temporary disability benefits) for injured workers. These benefits cover a portion of wages lost as a result of a workplace injury.

  • Medical Benefits
  • New Jersey workers' compensation law requires that your employer provide necessary medical treatment for any employment-related injury. There are no limits on the amount of your workers' compensation medical benefits. Under the law, your employer decides which doctor you must see.

  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • New Jersey workers' compensation law allows for disability compensation if your workplace accident or occupational disease results in permanent partial disability. This means that you are not "totally" disabled from work, however you have now become permanently "partially" disabled due to injury. The amount of your permanent partial disability benefit is calculated using a chart published by the New Jersey Division of Workers' Compensation. The chart lists body parts (hand, arm, fingers, toes, foot, leg, eyes and ears). These are called "scheduled injuries." There are also other body parts that are called "nonscheduled injuries." These body parts include the following: neck, back, lungs, heart, etc. When a job related injury or illness results in a permanent partial disability, benefits are based upon a percentage of certain "scheduled" or "nonscheduled" losses.

  • Permanent Total Disability
  • When a work-related injury results in permanent total disability (you can never return to work) the New Jersey Workers' Compensation Act provides that the injured worker is entitled to payments for 450 weeks. These benefits will continue forever as long as the total disability exists.

  • Cash Settlements
  • Light Duty Work
  • Second Opinion Doctor Exams
  • Third Party Claims (against someone other than your employer)
  • Repetitive Stress Injury
  • Pulmonary & Respiratory Injuries
  • Aggravation or Exacerbation Claims

    Don’t be afraid to stand up for your rights following an injury. You have nothing to lose. There is NO LEGAL FEE required to bring a workers' compensation claim. All cases are handled on a contingent fee basis (no legal fee paid unless a recovery is made on your behalf).

    Contact an experienced Robbinsville, NJ workers' compensation attorney today at Pinard Law, LLC so that you can receive the financial compensation and benefits available to you under the law.

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