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Robbinsville, NJ Attorney - DUI, DWI, Refusal and Traffic Violations

If you have been issued a ticket or summons for DWI, DUI or Refusal, you need to know that severe penalties, including a mandatory license suspension and at least $4,000 in monetary fines and assessments apply in NJ if you are convicted.

When the stakes are this high, you need an experienced, aggressive Robbinsville, NJ DUI attorney at your side. At Pinard Law, LLC, we vigorously defend the rights of driverís accused of drunk driving. If you have been issued a ticket for DWI, DUI or Refusal in Robbinsville, Mercer County or anywhere in the State of New Jersey call us today for a FREE case evaluation. We will help you at any stage in the process, from the initial investigation to the end of the case.

Many factors affect the prosecution of a drunk driving charge. Having blood alcohol content (BAC) over .08 is just one small part of a DWI case. We will investigate all of the facts surrounding your arrest. The Robbinsville, NJ law office of Pinard Law, LLC has extensive knowledge of the requirements for proper field sobriety testing. We will collect evidence and analyze your traffic stop. We will analyze the reports prepared by police officers since often times they are inaccurate or incomplete.

We require that the State of New Jersey demonstrate guilt by proof beyond a reasonable doubt. We intensely scrutinize whether or not the breath test machine was administered properly and whether or not the machine itself was operating properly. The Robbinsville, NJ DWI law firm of Pinard Law, LLC will work to build an effective defense to your charges.

We will fight your charges and pursue your interests by seeking court decisions including:

  • Dismissed Charges
  • Not-Guilty Verdicts
  • Alternatives to Incarceration (probation and/or alcohol treatment programs)
  • Staggered Terms of Incarceration

    If you have been charged with drunk driving, or any other traffic violation, do not resign yourself to stiff DWI penalties and loss of driving privileges. Contact a DWI defense attorney at the Robbinsville, NJ DWI law firm of Pinard Law, LLC for a FREE consultation.

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